Song For Sea Change

by Fox Problem

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We had a lot of fun talking to members of the public outside the Civic Hall and St Mary's Church Hall as people milled around before and after performances around the market and streets of Totnes.

We asked questions and played word games on the theme of 'sea change' and based on the responses we received, we've arranged a Song For Sea Change.

We offer these words to anyone who wants to turn the lyrics into a song. Get out your old guitars, tambourines and tubas and give it a go. Anyone can make a song, how? Just do it. Record it and let us listen. Put it on Soundcloud or Bandcamp or send us an email or come over and play it live on Victoria Street outside our flat. This is our version

With thanks to all who took part especially Drift Records for putting on the festival and asking us to take part. Thank you to our new collaborators Chief Questioner Rosie Wolf (7) and Chief Photographer Martha Wolf (5).


Well I guess it's too early to sing
Standing on the steps of the Civic Hall
Collecting lyrics

The children are in Syria
The undertakers are on the stage
This town is waking

Let's change the time we wake up in the morning
And my hair and my hair and my hair and my hair

We are considering stopping all nasty things and terrorism
People's attitudes to keeping bears in prison

Everyone's going to have somewhere nice to live...
In the desert

I will pluck the feathers off your wings and your head
It's a kind of murder ballad

The school the bank the school the bank the school the bank the school

The children are on fire
The undertakers are on fire
This town is on fire

I will pluck the feathers from your legs and your beak

We are considering changing our garden
Getting some tools
Being kind to each other

Sitting on a hill
In the Middle East
When the sun goes down

What we need right now is fewer choices
We'll make it happen slowly so no-one notices

On the steps of the Civic Hall

Quietly demanding equality for women in every different country
We are quietly demanding
We are hesitant
We are uncertain
We are already dead

Now now now now now

As soon as it can be clearly expressed
Start coming to terms with the fact that a more peaceful world is a better place
As soon as possible​

The Jungle within
Parliament within


released September 21, 2016



all rights reserved


Fox Problem Totnes, UK

Singer Songwriter Rosie Wolf aged 8 years old with Martha Wolf age 5 and dad on guitar aged 32. Improvised songs about bees, bugs and foxes at bedtime. Rosie will use the money to pay for her piano lessons.

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